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Abuja is a big city. Probably one of the biggest in West Africa. This popular city is also the federal capital city of the prestigious giant of Africa, Nigeria.


Abj is home to the affluent in the society. It is reputable as being the golden soil every politician wants to build his fortress. Having a property in Nigeria is almost equivalent to taking a village title.


Aside being home to the rich and top tiers, Abj also has the most beautiful girls in the world. Pretty damsels of every color, tribe and size can be found in this quiet city.






Abuja girls Whatsapp group invite link.

In Abj there are basically groups for everything and everyone in whatsapp. There’s also a group where you can join to meet premium abuja babes for private reasons best known to you.


The Abuja Girls group is a whatsapp group where boys and men join to hook up with cuties in the fct and also share ideas and catch fun.


To join a token membership fee of 3000 is charged. This cash is used by the admin to update the group and keep it in its lively form. What is left of the money is also used to set-up the group’s monthly meet and greet parties with fun and games.







Abuja prostitutes phone numbers.

Like in other cities in Nigeria, Prostitutes abound also in the federal capital territory, Abuja also. These bevy of tantalizing girls are out to use what they have to get what they want, and are ready to lay with you as long as you are paying.


Contacts of Abuja Prostitutes are not explicitly shared. Contact us on +2347049299869 for your direct hookup connection. Connection fee is required.






Abuja ashawo whatsapp groups.

As we already know, ashawo is a Nigerian slang used to refer to Prostitutes or call girls. Another term that is popularly used in Nigeria to refer to these girls is olosho.


In Abuja, the ashawo groups is the same as the prostitute group where hookup connections are done.


It is a group ridden with beauty and government by strict rules.

Group membership is 3000 naira. 





Abj olosho contact numbers.

In Abj it is easy to get an olosho contact. If you don’t want to get it online here then you can physically get it from the girl herself.

  1. Visit any olosho joint.
  2. Spot any girl you like and single her out.
  3. After having a nice time you can ask for her contact.

The above method is way out of date. These days people sit from the comfort of their homes and get phone numbers of prostitutes that they can invite over to their houses for fun.

Contact us via the number above this article. You’ll get a reply from an agent shortly. Follow the prompts to get olosho contacts.

Abuja escort girls telephone number.





Ashawo joints & places to meet Runsgirls in Abuja

Abj is a large and busy city. It is so enormous that if you set out around 5am to trek the entire Abj you won’t make it back in time for diner the next day.

It is also a very rich city with plenty of eateries and relaxation spot. .

You can also find plenty ashawo houses and olosho joints in the city of Abuja. An olosho joint or ashawo quarters is a location in a street or a building that is dedicated to prostitutes to use as their den. This is where they sleep, cook and even have sex with their clients for short time or short rest.

Some ashawo joints and other places in Abuja where you can meet with women are:

  • Lugbe, Cielo.
  • Tigar bar.
  • Movida Lounge
  • Woman Boku in Kubwa
  • Rita Lori Hotel, Garki.
  • Durumi.
  • Lagos Street, Gariki.
  • Standard Inn
  • ShopRite





Abuja hookup group.

These special groups exist in Abj, where young girls and boys meet with themselves for connection of any kind. Some people hookup with like minded persons for work and some can hook up sexually too. The Abj hookup group is like an alternative dating website for Abuja residents. Instead of registering and creating profiles on sever dating applications in search of a partner, one can simply join the hook up group and connect with a partner easily.

Group membership is 3000 naira. 








Top hotels to meet Prostitutes in Abuja.

Abuja has several hotels, but not all of them allow prostitutes to loiter around their premises.

For those looking for hotels that you can see prostitutes around then visit the following hotels listed below:

1. Chris Garden.

Chris garden. Www.eremmel.com
Chris Garden.



2. Centurion Apartment.

Centurion Apartment. Www.eremmel.com
Centurion Apartment



3. Marigold Hotel.

Marigold hotel. Www.eremmel.com
Marigold Hotel



4. Adel’s place.

Adel's place. Www.eremmel.com
Adel’s place. Entire apartment suit



5. Glass residence.

Glass Residence, Abuja. Www.eremmel.com
Glass Residence, Abuja.



6. Sugar apartment.

Sugar apartment. Www.eremmel.com
Sugar apartment entire suite.



7. Orient Hotel & Plaza.

Orient hotel Abj. Www.eremmel.com
Orient Hotel & Plaza.



8. E-Suite Hotel.

E suite hotel. Www.eremmel.com
E Suite Hotel.





Ashawo houses in Kubwa.

Very many ashawo houses can be found in Kubwa. If you want to go to an ashawo joints you should first of all get the right direction so that you don’t look like a fool asking people for direction to a brothel. Some popular ashawo houses in Kubwa are:

  • Women Boku.
  • Movida Lounge.
  • Arab junction.





Ashawo joints in Apo.

Apo is another less saburious part of Abuja where prostitution houses and brothels are loitered around every corner. Some ashawo joints location in Apo are:

  • Mechanic village.




Arab junction.

Arab Junction is a junction in Kubwa famous for being the spot where Prostitutes loiter around lurking for potential customers.

Arab junction photo. www.eremmel.com
Small girl poses in Arab junction
Arab junction prostitutes. Www.eremmel.com
Arab Junction.
Arab junction. Www.eremmel.com
Arab Junction image




Where is Women Boku located in Kubwa?

Women Boku is located at Jaji Street, new Maitama, Kubwa.





Areas in Abuja where Prostitutes can be found.

Prostitutes can be found in all local governments and areas in Abj. You just need to know how to spot them out. Some areas in Abj are;

Wuse Zone 4, Kubwa, Garki II, Mpape, Utako, Kiss Spot Abuja location, Chris Garden Abuja location, lugbe, Gwagwalada, Kasi kuchi village,  Nyanya, Keffi, Bwari, Rita Lori, Kwali area, Kwali Abuja, Kuje, Abaji, Madalla, etc.




Abuja single ladies Whatsapp group.

Every girl is single. You just need to be a serious guy who wants to get into a serious relationship. When a girl sees how serious you are she will have no choice but to be serious too, that is if she likes you. You can get in touch with some single ladies in Abj by joining the ABUJA SINGLE FORUM.






Runs girls o, ashawo o, all na the same thing. But these girls have separated themselves with names. So don’t go calling a runs babe an ashawo or you might be in trouble. To join the Abuja Runs girls group so so below.




Abuja ashawo whatsapp group.

If you can knack well and you are in Abuja then join this group. Make sure you have stamina because this girls are wild. Have fun as you join.





Now days Abuja connection is not only in movies o. Live in Abuja the nightlife is something else.



As you can see above, you can join different groups to meet different calibre of olosho girls that you can pay for fun.



Enjoy the fun and thanks for reading. I hope the article was helpful?








Abuja connection once used to be just something we watched in movies. But now, everywhere in the city you will see ashawo standing at dark corners, all wearing very revealing clothes and cooing invitingly to passerbys.


Some people like to do their womanizing in private. These are can join the hookup groups above and enjoy.

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