Destiny kids biography: age, birthday, phone numbers, address, cars, profile, songs and all there is.

Destiny kids biography: age, birthday, phone numbers, address, cars, profile, songs and all there is.

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Growing up most of us were opportuned to listen to songs from a celebrated Christian children band, Destiny Kids. These adorable siblings spiced up the better parts of our childhood with songs of moral values and sweet videos that guarded our decisions. The group was the top music sensation of 2002, 2003, or was it 2004?

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Destiny kids is  made up of 6 children; Joshua, Caleb, Rejoice, Favour, Wonderful and Best. However, during their musically active years only five of them actually performed. Baby Wonderful Iwueze was, you know, a baby then and was still suckling on her mummy’s bosom.

The group is famous for songs like Joy Joy Joy, Radical For Jesus and others, With their dominance of the gospel music industry, it was hard to believe they will ever stop singing. With hit songs like Joy Joy Joy, Destiny kids was a delight to listen to every single time.

Years later, things have changed for the group. While music is no longer their creative expression, they have all grown into beautiful adults.

In this article we bring to you a short history of nearly everything you need to know about the Destiny Kids, the great Stephens: their names, ages, birthdays, phone numbers, house address, email addresses, facebook profile, marriage, wedding photo, pictures, images, white wedding, traditional wedding, recent photos, old photos, recent pictures, old pictures, relationship status, natives of which state and local government, primary school attended, secondary school attended, university, their father name, their mother name, cars, current level in the university and much more.

Pastor Stephen Iwueze and Love Iwueze are the parents of the Destiny kids. They are from Imo state and live there in their family mansion. Their father is the architect behind all their songs in their glory days. He wrote all the songs they performed and televised. Rejoice Iwueze was the lead singer of the group back then because of her outspokeness and free spirit. Her elder sister, Favour (Who is married now) was an unbeatable vocalist. She is also the shyest of them all.

According to their ages, from the eldest to the youngest we bring you the names of the Destiny kids.

  1. Favour Iwueze
  2. Rejoice Iwueze
  3. Joshua Iwueze
  4. Best Iwueze
  5. Caleb Iwueze
  6. Wonderful Iwueze.


Destiny kids father is pastor Stephen Iwueze, while the Destiny kids mother is Love Iwueze. They are from Imo State.

Favour Iwueze:

destiny kids favour iwueze.


destiny kids favour iwueze pic.

Favour was born on the 25th of August 1991. She did her primary and secondary education in Imo and later attended Nnamdi Azikiwe University where she studied computer science. She graduated 2015 with a Second Class. On the 10th of September 2018 she got married. Tied the knot with her age long heartthrob. She is the first child of the family and now stays in Lagos with her husband. Favour is signed to God’s Mercy Connection record label. It was under this label that she released tracks like Muna Chin, Glory To My Jesus, Amazing love and others. Favour Iwueze songs are awesome.

Rejoice Iwueze:

destiny kids rejoice iwueze.

Born 17th August 1993 Rejoice is the second child of the Iwueze’s family. Very bright and upright girl. She was the lead singer in their defunct band. Now she ministers in churches and seminars and is also still very active in music. Rejoice, like her sister is signed to God’s Mercy connection and has released a number of amazing tunes under the label. She is a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Rejoice Iwueze songs are awesome.

Joshua Iwueze:

destiny kids joshua iwueze.

destiny kids.

Born  8th November 1995, Joshua is the first boy of the family. He lives with his parents in their residence in Imo State. His primary and secondary education were done in Imo. He is currently in an undisclosed university in the country.

Best Iwueze:

Destiny Kids best iwueze.

Born 1st July, Best is an integral part of the Destiny Kids. A free spirited person who loves social media and singing.

Caleb Iwueze:

destiny kids caleb iwueze.

Born 11th June

Wonderful Iwueze:

destiny kids wonderful iwueze.

Born 9th June. Wonderful is the last child of the Iwueze’s family.


Unfortunately we do not have the numbers of any of the kids. However you can get in touch with them via their social media accounts. Best particularly is very active online. Message her and keep your fingers crossed.


Except Favour who recently got married and relocated with her husband to lagos, Destiny Kids stay with their parent in their Imo State residence. As a result of insecurities everywhere we will not be stating their actual home address. Please bear with us.

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