Game Of Thrones season 8 episode 3. S08E03 GOT.


Game of thrones season 8 episode 3.

The season eight is even more captivating than we’d expected. Download and enjoy.

Out and trending now is the season 8 of the much anticipated HOB Tv series Game Of Thrones. The schedule release date of this season is the 14th of April and it came out as promised.

Season eight third episode. 3rd episode.

Now there’s wild rush on the internet to watch or download the season8 episode3 of this captivating show. Nice one. You’re gonna love it. Game of thrones season eight episode three.

Unlike last week, which featured little to no violence, meaning players saw most of the points bestowed on their characters for quirky or punchy one-liners, last night’s episode was all about carnage. I mean, just death after death after death. Then those dead people came back to life just to die again! There were few mic-dropping one-liners in this episode, but the number of people who could deliver those snarky comebacks was literally cut down, and most of the rest of the cast didn’t have the breath for wisecracks.

That doesn’t mean they were totally gone, though. The episode opens with an army of petrified soldiers effectively preparing for their death (and, ironically, their battle with death) while being greeted by a totally nonchalant Melisandre. She rides into Winterfell on horseback, ready to give the Dothraki army some much-needed fire to add to their arsenal. (+50 for magic) Her black magic is mostly welcomed by the anxious soldiers, who are just chilling in multiple rows in front of Winterfell’s walls, but there is one person who isn’t as so happy about her arrival: Ser Davos.

“No need to execute me, Ser Davos,” Melisandre tells him. “I’ll be dead before the dawn.” (+10 for a brutal one-liner, +20 for prophecy)

This is where the pleasantries end. There’s simply no time for talking, Ser Davos! The dead are coming! Or, as Daenerys tells Jon later in the episode, “The dead are already here.” (+10) She jumps on a dragon (+20) to head off into battle. We stan a true queen. Jon, who up until now has been absolutely useless at mediating the tension between his aunt-girlfriend and his sister, also jumps on a dragon (+20) in an attempt to be less useless. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work. Jon spends his time flying around on a dragon next to Daenerys, performing synchronized dragon aerials in the sky, while his friends and family bleed to death on the ground below. Complicated times!

The majority of the battle between good and evil, living and dead, zombies with obscenely cool blue eyes and those with regular sad eyes, took place between wights and Winterfell’s army. I don’t know how to put this any more simply: it’s a bloodbath. Combine every major battle you can think of in cinematic and television history, and it still doesn’t hit the scale of what transpired during last night’s episode. Thousands of soldiers on both ends died. They fell into fires, they were bitten to death, they were stabbed with swords and daggers, they had arrows shot through their chests, or they faced the fiery wrath of angry dragons. All of these are bad ways to die — especially if you’re not already dead.

We tried to count how many wights, White Walkers, Dothraki, other humans, and other mythical creatures died. My friends, we could not. We have a very near-accurate, rough idea of how the point breakdown should work. Here is a list of characters who will receive points (+50 each, the per-episode max) for killing a wave of wights during the Battle of Winterfell. Is it the most eloquent way of working it into this piece? No. Is it the most coherent? Yes, which is more than I can say for myself right now after that long, emotionally draining episode and a can of Monster Energy.

We’d like to fill you in on everything but that’ll take away all the fun.

A while back, HBO’s Casey Bloys said: “Two hours per episode seems like it would be excessive, but it’s a great show, so who knows?”


Don’t miss this one. Watch it as it’s hot. Lovers of good movies will adore this one.

Download Game of thrones S08E03. Feel the vibes in it. You will be entirely captivated. Just heavenly. Remember the walls are down. The white walkers aren’t about to give up now. Enjoy this episode and flex.


You can download and watch GOT here.

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