Hack phed prepaid meter to read slow, reduce, unit credit. bypass cheat code. Adjust phcn meter consumption.

Hack phed prepaid meter to read slow, reduce, unit credit. bypass cheat code. Adjust phcn meter consumption.

November 11, 2018 6 By Admin

The privatization of the power sector in Nigeria brought about many changes, one of which is the introduction of the the Digital Electronic Prepaid Meter. While these meters allow for easy control and regulation by individual customers, some Nigerians are not exactly satisfied with it and have found new ways to Bypass its connection for their own personal gains. While that is illegal, it is actually something worth learning.

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So in this article i will be detailing you on a new, improved and working way to bypass your Phcn prepaid meter to Stop Reading and Counting Down completely. True talk. If you follow the steps i will lay out completely you will be enjoy power forever unless there is a general power failure in your area.

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We showed you guys sometime ago how to borrow unit with your prepaid meter. Well, for the benefit of those who missed that expository article you can refer back to it using this link… HOW TO BORROW UNIT USING PREPAID METER.

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Please follow the guidelines below and don’t omit anything. This is a technical process.

Disclaimer: This article is not in any way meant to encourage hackers and bypassers but to create awareness, educate and inform the public. All knowledge is knowledge.


This new and simpler technique is called UB – Unit Bypassing. It is simple but crafty and not a sham like the magnet technique or whatever it is called. With it, even though your meter balance is empty you can still enjoy 24 hours light while your meter reads on 00 account.

This rebranded tutorial is tested and trusted and is guaranteed to work 100% on all meter types so long as you follow it accordingly. So pay attention.


  1. Screw Driver
  2. Plier
  3. Safety gloves and boots.
  4. Any Solid Metallic Wire ( Hard One)


  • Put on your safety gloves and boot then proceed to switch off your meter from the right corner or wherever your ‘Turn Off’ button is.
  • With your screw driver, unscrew the nuts from the front case cover of your meter and deposit them safely into a plastic container. You will now be able to see the arrangement of the meter. Look carefully at it, from the TOP to the BOTTOM of the counter device.


  • You will see some Blueish Plastic or attachments. Gently pull them UP and DOWN ( By doing so you will be attempting to remove the meter device from its hanger)
  • After successfully pulling it out, TAKE NOTE – Check the back of the meter for two pairs of fuse (i.e 4 plugs)


  • Bring out the Solid metallic wire and use it to tie the first pair of fuse at the back of the meter together.
  • Note: The wire should be a strong type, not the one with strands of tiny wires combined.
  • Note also: The first pair of fuse should NOT be tied at the TOP but at the BOTTOM, near the plastic case.
  • Note again that the wires must be tied at the FIRST PAIR OF FUSE, not the second.


  • Now put the counter device from where you pulled it, take out the screws and screw your meter back into place. cover the case tightly.

Your new UB HACKED meter is ready to go. Just recharge 500 or 1000 worth of unit and use forever. But avoid overloading it. Do not use many high voltage consuming appliances all at once if not the metallic wire might get burnt and it may affect your meter.

This tutorial is tested and will work on ALL METER SETUPS AND CONFIGURATION. But if you encounter any problem do not hesitate to use the comment section.