How to do yahoo on Facebook & still make money in millions.

How to do yahoo on Facebook & still make money in millions.

March 22, 2019 20 By Admin


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How to do yahoo on facebook.

Senior boys ways to do yahoo on facebook and make your bread easily.

Disclaimer: This article is not in any way intended to promote or encourage fraud or fraudsters in their nefarious activities. It is however to educate and inform.

Yahoo yahoo, wire wire or 419 is the same for all media. But for some reasons people are specific about how to scam white folks on facebook and cash out easily.

So if you want to know the format to use on facebook clients then you really need to read this article to the finish.

In my life I have known very many people. Most of them are wrong niggas. I mean, they just don’t like stress but want to live lavish lives. Trust guys to always make ways in seemingly impossible circumstances _ Flezy (not his real name) started scamming people on facebook.

He was the first person I’d known to do yahoo on facebook that sparked a whole new game.

I will share the methods he used back then that are still working till date.

How to do yahoo yahoo on Facebook, make millions and cash out easily.

  • Create Fake Account.
  • Crosscheck your tools.
  • Bomb for rich clients.
  • Choose and apply your format.
  • Cash out.

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* Create Fake Account: Facebook is not as it used to be before. Things have changed greatly on this media. Zuckerberg has tightened security on every corner and updated facebook’s algorithm.

Today it is very difficult to dupe people on facebook because to do that you need a fake facebook account and it is not easy to create one.

Most of you reading this have experienced it. Once you create a fake profile it gets blocked.

No matter what you do Mark Zuckerberg still finds a way to locate and block that account.

The problem is that you did not follow due process to strengthen the account to prevent it from being blocked. Before you can become a facebook yahoo boy you need to have a fake facebook profile that doesn’t get blocked, suspended or deactivated.

To do that read this article on How To Create A Strong Facebook Profile.

*Crosscheck Your Tools: Some people think that when working on facebook clients there’s no need for tools.

That was not how Flezy made his money. According to him Google Translate played a vital role in making him the millionaire he is today. Let me outline some working tools you need to have below…

  • Google Translate.
  • Foreign numbers.
  • VPN
  • Video cloning application.
  • Google Voice Changer.

Aside the cloning application, the rest of the tools are very cheap to get.

Google Translate allows you to be able to chat in any language. If your client does not understand English language, you can use Google translate to communicate with her in her own language.

For example, if she sends a message in French just copy the message, open your Google Translate, set it to ‘translate from French to English’ then paste the message and press the ‘Translate’ tab.

The app will immediately translate the write-up to English.

Also when you want to reply her, just set the app to translate from English to French then type your message. Once you’re done typing hit the ‘Translate’ tab and your reply will be translated to French.

If you will be scamming white people you won’t want them to know you’re a Nigerian or Ghanaian. You will need a foreign number to be calling them with.

Create a foreign number according to the country you will be pretending to be from.

Let’s say you lie to your clients that you are a German and live in Germany. Don’t go and start creating a foreign number for UK because you will immediately be spotted as a scammer.

VPN hides your IP address. Normally, when you log into many sites your IP address gives away your location. You can use a VPN app to hide your location or make it point to a different country.

No white client will be happy chatting with a Nigerian considering the records Nigeria holds for scamming people.

The video cloning app helps you make video calls with your client comfortably.

With this app you can use anybody’s face as long as you upload the person’s pictures to the application.

Checkout the features of the cloning app here ==> Features of the video cloning application.

Google voice changer is helpful when you want to fake an accent.


* Bomb For Rich Clients: The kind of clients you associate with determines the kind of money you will be making from the yahoo business.

That is why when you want to start a yahoo boy career you need to bomb for rich clients.

Bombing means searching for rich clients to befriend.

I have written an article on how to bomb for rich clients on facebook so check it out on Step By Step Ways To Bomb For Rich Clients On Facebook.

* Choose And Apply Your Format: How do you intend to convince or coerce your client to send you money? You need to have a format to work with.

One of the most rampart formats is the dating format. In this format you need to get your client to fall in love with you and then you can make her or she do your biddings.

There is also the military format where you pose as a military personnel on a peace keeping mission. This format is very technical and it works all the time. Read how to apply the military format here.

How to do yahoo on facebook.

Pdf snippet.

Do you want to use the assassin format? This format involves calling your client and claiming to be an assassin paid by someone to kill her. You will then ask her to pay a certain amount of money for you to spare her life.

This format requires you to have certain private details about your client that you can use to threaten her, like her house address, pictures, relative or child’s photos etc.

Some other formats include: Accident and Hospital format, Charity format, Emergency formats, Guaranteed Grant and Loan format, Apartment format etc.

You can purchase our pdf on the assassin format to understand the technicalities of the format and how to get these personal data of your clients.

We sell PDFs of all formats. You can buy a single format for just #2000. Do you need our eBook which has over 25 different formats? You can purchase it for just #15,000. Email if you are interested.

Yahoo on facebook.

Pdf snippet.

* Cash Out: Once you have applied the formats in the pdf the next thing is to consider how you want to cash out. How will you receive the money you have billed your client?

Most people ask their clients to send them Gift Cards and they sell it over here.

So you want to use Western Union? I don’t advice that.

It is wiser to create a Bitcoin wallet and have your clients transfer money to you through it.

It’s quite easy to be a facebook scammer and make money if you follow these steps.


Purchase pdfs to all formats. Single pdf = #2000. eBook = #15,000. Email for your copy.


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