Learn how to be a yahoo boy: yahoo guys orientation, site, formats, apps, names & tips.

Learn how to be a yahoo boy: yahoo guys orientation, site, formats, apps, names & tips.

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How to be a yahoo boy. www.eremmel.com

Disclaimer: This article is not in any way meant to encourage fraud or illegal businesses. It is merely intended to create awareness, educate and inform.

Hello! U don find work tire abi? Hustle no gree pay shae, no matter the time and labour you put into it? Now you’re thinking yahoo yahoo is the surest way forward and you want to learn how to be a successful yahoo boys like some of your friends who now drive the latest cars right? Please read this article with all your heart, soul and mind if you truly mean business.

Becoming a yahoo boy in Nigeria, Ghana or wherever you’re reading from is not exactly as easy as many people paint it to be.

To do clean 419 business without indulging in all these rituals called yahoo plus you need to use a large portion of your head_ you need to be smart. That is why they say work smart NOT hard.

Yahoo yahoo, wire wire, internet fraud, scamming or 419 are names associated with swindlers who make a living out of duping other people off their money. Sounds bad eh! But it is sweet. I can tell because back in the days I used to be into the business and I can begin to list my achievements.

Even though it is not a veritable source of income, many fraudsters are forced into it as a result of hardship. That is why I do not blame all of them.

The only set of scammers I dislike are those who use juju and voodoos to influence their clients. These fvck-up guys are just too desperate to make money but don’t want to calm down and learn the trick. They jump straight into Oshole yahoo plus and the next thing they are running mad everywhere in Nigeria.

But you will have no reason to do yahoo plus if you follow every tip I give you and comment where you don’t understand.

If you are interested in joining our secret WHATSAPP and TELEGRAM group to meet other Gs, and get exclusive tips, tools and formats for just #3,000 email theconverta@gmail.com . ONLY INTERESTED PERSONS.

Enough of the preaching. Let me teach you what it takes to become a yahoo boy and make plenty of money if you are dedicated.

How to become a yahoo boy or yahoo girl in any part of the world and make lots of cash doing it.

First of all, you need to understand that the kind of business you are going into is frowned on. It is not legal so you need to be extremely careful or risk getting caught.

Typically, to be a yahoo boy you need to have or apply some of the following.

  • Laptop.
  • Good Android phone.
  • Foreign numbers.
  • VPN.
  • Grammarly.
  • Google Translate.
  • Yahoo formats – Latest Billing formats.
  • Video cloning app (people still succeed without it though)
  • Fake Social Media Accounts.
  • Use Google Hangout.
  • Fake accent.
  • Perfect websites to get sure clients.
  • Advanced yahoo formats
  • Yahoo boys apps and tools.
  • Available Cash Out method.

* Laptop: Even though you can make money with your high density Android phone, I will advice you to also have a laptop.

Laptops make work easier and they are some tools that you can only use to work from your system.

* Good Android Phone: Since Android phones came out people no longer depend on laptops. If you have a good Android phone there and you don’t know how to use it to make money trading forex or scamming clients then this era is not for you. Go back to 1992.

They are powerful phones that you can install all the tools needed for Gee and use it to work and make more money than your colleague who uses a laptop.

* Foreign Numbers: Assuming you are using the military format on a client and you tell him or her that you are on a mission in Istanbul, how do you convince that person to believe you? It is by calling him with an Istanbul number of course.

Now, remember you won’t stay in Istanbul forever, you need to get back to your country (fake country) some day. You also need to have a foreign number of that country too.

As a good yahoo boy you need to have very many foreign numbers. If possible get numbers to all the countries.

* VPN: VPN is a powerful tool you can use to hide or change you IP address while surfing the internet.

Once you go online your default IP address tells everyone around the country you are browsing from.

Without a VPN it becomes very easy for people to trace you. Some of these yahoo boys that get arrested daily were given away by their IP addresses.

Also, they are some dating sites that do not allow people from Nigeria to join. You can bypass that security by changing your IP address and making it point to another country, maybe Canada.

* Grammarly: Grammarly is one of the cheapest tools you need as a G. It helps you check your English so you don’t make errors. You can download it for free on Playstore.

* Google Translate: Google Translate is a cheap but powerful tool. With Google Translate can chat with virtually any client.

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This application helps translate languages.

For example, if you are chatting with a Portuguese woman and you obviously don’t understand Portuguese. When she types in Portuguese just copy the text, open your Google Translate app, set it to translate from Portuguese to English then paste the text. The app will automatically change everything she wrote to English so you will be able to read and reply.

Simply type your reply in English and set the app to translate to Portuguese, then copy the Portuguese version and send to your client.

* Yahoo Formats – Latest Billing Formats: The means you use to convince your maga to send money to you is what is called the Format.

They are different yahoo formats and you need to know all.

How to be a yahoo boy. www.eremmel.com

Pdf snippet.

You can bill a client twice using different formats and if you work well she will still fall maga when you apply a third format on her. That’s why Gee boys and girls don’t play with their formats, and that is also why if you do not have the latest formats for 2019 you BUY them.

You can purchase the pdf of any format you need for just #2000 from us. Or you can just Buy the entire eBook with over 25 different formats for #15,000. Email theconverta@gmail.com if you need the pdf files.

Be a yahoo boy. www.eremmel.com

Pdf snippet.

Checkout some types of formats you can use here ==> Types of formats.

* Download Video cloning application: The video cloning app is actually the most powerful tool for this business. It is also one of the most expensive.

What this app does is clone video calls.

What this means is that it allows you to use the face of anybody during a video conversation with your client. When your client sees that he is actually having a video call with the pretty lady he has been chatting with it builds his trust and makes it very easy for him to send money to you.

White men and women like to confirm identities before doing anything that involves money online. The video cloning app will allow you even use the face of Kim Kardashian to scam anybody on the planet.

Every top yahoo boy in town has this application. You can buy it online for #120K – #200K.

If you need a copy of the app at a subsidized rate of #35K for the cracked version and #25K for the uncracked version email theconverta@gmail.com .

There is the cracked and uncracked version of this video cloning software but I will advice you to buy the cracked version to avoid the Monthly subscription.

Check out the features of the video call cloning app here ==> Features Of The Video Cloning App.

* Fake Social Media Accounts: Fake it to make it.

For the kind of format you want to approach your client with you need to have a (fake) social media account ready. The only format that you do not need a media account is when you are using the Assassin Format.

If you want to use the military format then you need to set up an account on Facebook, twitter and perhaps elsewhere with the pictures of the military man or woman you’ve chosen to impersonate.

Remember to set up the account and furnish it with pictures and posts before looking for clients, because if your profile looks new and empty you will immediately be spotted as a scammer by some smart folks.

* Use Google Hangout: Since it is now the culture for facebook to block fake accounts, be a sharp guy and move your clients to google hangout.

Give them one reason or the other why you prefer to chat on hangout and take them there so that when facebook deactivates your fake profile you don’t get to loose your clients.

If you don’t like the idea of Google Hangout and prefer chatting with clients on Facebook then you need to create a strong profile that cannot be blocked. Learn How To Create A Strong Facebook Account Here.

* Fake accent: Since you will be claiming to be from one foreign country like that, you need to learn how to fake your accent.

This should not be that difficult. Most people just freestyle and it works. Or you can download Google Voice Changer for that.

* Perfect websites for sure clients: Know where to source your clients. Some of the most used sites where serious yahoo boys get clients from are…

  • Facebook.
  • Xdating.com
  • Pof.com
  • OkCupid
  • eHarmony.

* Advanced Yahoo formats: Guys that use advanced yahoo formats make mad money.

With these formats you can even control your client’s bank account from wherever you are if you get his credit card details.

And with phishing, getting Clients Credit Card Details like pin and number has become very easy.

All you need to do is create a phishing site that looks eerily similar to a real site and get your client click on it.

Learn about it here ==> How to get credit card details from clients via phishing.

For the advances formats there is also hacking, loading, vishing etc. You can comment and i will put you on on how to go about them.

* Yahoo boys tools & apps: Yes, yahoo boys have their own tools that make work easier.

To successfully scam a client you need to work with all your tools. Some of these tools have already been mentioned above

  • Cloning app
  • VPN
  • Foreign number
  • Fake social media account.
  • Email addresses.
  • Grammarly.
  • Google Translate.
  • Yahoo formats.
  • Dating sites

Many other tools exist but since this is just a summary to help you understand the business i won’t be listing all. Just comment or message me privately and i will fill you in on the most important tools to have.

* Available Cash Out Method: How do you want your client to send the money? Definitely not through direct transfer. Western Union is also not as trusted as it used to be. It’s been monitored.

Before you bill your client you must have prepared a means to receive the money.

For me, I asked them to send Gift Cards a lot of times. Even though I had am untraceable foreign account back then i preferred Gift Cards.

Most times I just purchase stuff online and have them shipped to me.


If you are interested in joining our secret WHATSAPP and TELEGRAM group to meet other Gs, and get exclusive tips, tools and formats for just #3,000 email theconverta@gmail.com . ONLY INTERESTED PERSONS.

If you are considering becoming a yahoo boy then you need to be smart. Very smart. It’s a risky game but with proper head work you can scale through.

Share this article with fellow Gees. Help spread the good news. If you have any issue or question feel free to ask using the comment box.

I’m Out!!!