Lucrative business to start with small money, best low capital investment.

Lucrative business to start with small money, best low capital investment.

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It has been proven by countless billionaires that waiting for large capital to begin a business venture is not usually the best idea. 

A serious minded person willing to start up something never sees money as a barrier. This is because they can always get loans from banks. 

But there are businesses you can start for very low cash. Some can even be started for free.

There are small scale businesses that require little cash to start up, and as time goes on your investment increases.

These article will bring to the fore front those lucrative business ideas and best low capital, high profit business plans anyone with little cash can begin.

Very many people believe that Africa’s richest man, Dangote began his business with nothing less than 5 million naira. But that is not true. 

Dangote started his hustle with a borrowed 50,000 naira and has grown to be where he is today. So why wait for that million before delving into that business of your choice? Why not start from the little you’ve got to build the much you want?

Those who have no idea about the kind of business to setup with as low as 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k, 60k, 70k, 80k, 90k, 100k or even less please read on to see if any of the listed business plans suits you.

Lucrative Business to start with small capital in Nigeria. Small capital business ideas.

  1. Selling Second Hand Clothings, Okrika: Selling Okrika wears is one of the cheapest businesses small salary earners can venture into. The cost of second hand clothes is relatively cheap when buying then in bulk. For as low as Ten thousand naira you can start up something selling second hand clothes.
  2. Selling Phone accessories: This is another business area people shy away from not knowing that it is a very lucrative. The gain is much even for low income beginners.
  3. Selling of Recharge cards: Recharge card business in Nigeria is a slow one and that is why so many people run away from it. The profit generated is for each sale is low but in a long run the accumulated gain is mouthwatering.
  4. Bead making and selling: This is a business venture many youths are tapping into. This is because the cost of production is low and there is high demand for handmade beads, earings and bangles.
  5. E-Payment and POS Business: You can a get POS machine from your Bank, and activate online banking: If you live in a place where banks aren’t much you can handle e-payments for people and make your small change. I paid someone N200 to withdraw 10k in Ikorodu. ATM queue was crazy.
  6. Food Vendor – Home cooking and delivery – Mama put (remix): You can cook a variety of meals well and apply customer service, People will pay good money for your services, You can run this from home. A lot of people do not know this but many food vendors earn more than bankers. A lot more. This kind of business can be setup with as little as 20,000 naira.
  7. Tutorial Classes: No matter your age, this is another well paying job, either as part-time or full-time. Many families are willing to spend what it takes for their children’s success and there’s one subject you’re well versed at. Just close the gap, meet their need for a fee.
  8. Blogging: Blogging is a very lucrative business venture to go into. People tend to look at blogging and bloggers as a waste of time and space. Too bad. If only they knew that there are bloggers in Nigeria who earn nothing less than 6 million naira monthly. Starting up a blog does not require much money. As a matter of fact I started with only 25,000 but earn more than 100,000 monthly. And eremmel is a baby site that is barely 3 months old. Imagine how much blogs that have been around for over 9 years make.
  9. Selling E-books Online
  10. Selling of pure water: 

These are some of the lucrative business idea you can consider and subsequently start up with very little capital in Nigeria.


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