Military dating format 2021 yahoo boys. latest 2 bill clients, maga & collect money sharpenly.

Military dating format 2021 yahoo boys. latest 2 bill clients, maga & collect money sharpenly.

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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to promote or encourage fraud but to educate as well as create awareness.

Making money isn’t easy. Whichever means you use you need to apply sense. Yup. Apply wisdom. An iota of smartness in all your dealings doesn’t hurt, does it? Without wisdom all your actions may just be in vain.

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It is the same with the internet game, Yahoo yahoo. Or as many of you would like to call it, Wire Wire. You can’t be a successful yahoo boy without applying brain work. Listen, Gee is not for morons at all. So search yourself now, if you know deep down that you are unwise, thus unfit for this business then quietly disqualify yourself for me.

On this article you will learn about the latest military format G boys and girls are using to buy Benz. No kidding. This format looks so legit I bet Albert Einstein will fall for it.

Tools, Application, Setups and other materials required for this technique.

1. A Fake Online Bank Account: This is very important. I can’t stress how important it Is so I’ll just spell IMPORTANT with Caplocks on. Although this will cost you a little money, it is worth it. You need to create a Bank site or webpage. As you read on you will know why this is necessary. Creating a site will cost about #50,000 – #100,000 on a general term. But let help you with that at a subsidized rate of #10,000. Email to create your own fake bank website.

2. Foreign Numbers: You will need to have several foreign numbers of different countries. This is also expedient.

3. A good grasp of the Military lingua: To convince a person that you are an officer you need to speak and text like one, using their esoteric language and jargon very often. This is very useful for the military dating format to work without stress.

4. Photos Of A Good Looking Military Officer: This is the person you will be pretending to be. So having as many photos of him or her is a good idea.

5. Video cloning application: Another fine tool. This helps with video calls. Take your time to read about the features of the video cloning app.

6. Location Changer: Very necessary for this format.

7. A fake Lawyer: It could be you or your friend operating with a customized email address. Very important.

They are very many things required but I can’t give all away just like that.

So let’s get back to the main thing. How does the military dating format work? What are the step by step procedures to milking a client via this means?

Skeletal details of the latest military dating format yahoo boys use to dupe and bill their foreign clients.

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  • Bomb for clients.
  • Get to k ow your client.
  • Get your client to fall in love with you.
  • Maintain the relationship.
  • Have a video conversation at one point to confirm your authenticity. This is where the video cloning app comes in.
  • When you guys have become very close and cozy, tell her of an emergency secret mission you and some other comrades were handpicked for.
  • Tell her the mission is going to add a whooping $200,000 in your account.
  • Also tell her you may NOT keep in touch for a while because the location is a locked down country.
  • Use your location changer to beep her a new location (the supposed country you were taken to for that mission). This will make her feel loved and also make her believe you.
  • Call her at one point with a foreign number of that country.
  • Do not call again for a long time.
  • Call her after a while but end the call almost immediately blaming everything on the bad reception in the military zone area located in a forest.
  • After some time tell her you guys were whisked to another location. Beep her the location using your location changer. Also tell her it is not that bad there in the area of network reception, but warn her never to call unless you call her because your superiors strictly warned against cellular devices but you had to sneak one in to enable you reach her.
  • Call her from time to time. Allow her speak with some of your friends who will also pretend to be Soldiers. Her trust will be build by now with concrete.
  • After some days stop calling or texting her. Stay for over two weeks without contact with her.
  • Then one day get your friends set up a noisy background so you can make a call.
  • Tell her you and your colleagues were moved to another location for a peace keeping mission or something. Apologize for not calling to inform her. Blame your superiors for that.
  • Then give her the good news. Tell her you have been paid the $200,000 (that is where your fake online bank will come in. Your fake account will be funded with fake $230,000.
  • tell her you will be taking a leave the next week just to come see her. Make plans, talk about places you will like to visit with her.
  • Call her with a foreign number of that country. Tell her you had to climb up a hill to get reception. The other conversations should be done via texting. Do not call anyhow.
  • Break connection with her again. No text, messages. Nothing.
  • The next message she will get will be from your colleague telling her you’ve been shot and in critical condition. You were shot and the bullet pierced your lung.
  • He will tell her that you listed her as one of the persons you can trust with sensitive details. He will tell her that you asked him to give her your bank login details so she can withdraw some money from your account and send to him for his medical bill.
  • He will tell her it can’t be done over there because the mission you guys went for is a secret one and no one has to know about the pay. Tell her she will have to act like the money is hers.
  • Then your friend will ask her some questions like if she has met you in person, how related you guys are and all that.
  • After that he will send her the web address of the bank and your login details. These details will be used to access the fake bank account.
  • She will be asked to access the account and confirm the balance. After which she will be asked to wire a certain amount to her bank account.
  • She will then transfer the amount to her account.
  • This transfer will show PENDING.
  • Your friend will then contact her again asking why she has not done the transfer. She will explain that the transfer is pending. He will urge her to be snappy that you life is hanging on the balance.
  • He will then ask her to contact YOUR lawyer.

Hey! This is supposed to be a summary, or even an intro. We can’t give out all the tips here right? Not cool.

The steps are long and completely impossible to NOT believe.

The bottom line of the whole thing is that the lawyer will explain to her that the transfer is pending because the amount she is trying to transfer is too large and is being reviewed. He will then advice her that if she has some cash she can use it to foot your bills and that she can take it off the account when it has been reviewed.

This is just a rough of this latest military dating format scammers use to scam and bill white clients these days.

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This latest military dating format 2019 has worked for many and testimonies still flood our mails.

Thank us later. Happy hustling.


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