Payoneer: Free US Bank Account, MasterCard, withdraw cash, exchange rate & all you need to know.

Payoneer: Free US Bank Account, MasterCard, withdraw cash, exchange rate & all you need to know.

January 13, 2019 4 By Admin

Payoneer is a financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services on international levels. 


It has over the years grown into one of the most trusted companies globally with customers in virtually every corner of the earth.

Payoneer Nigeria: Unlike PayPal, this company allows Nigerians full packages on its website. This includes a FREE U.S Bank account online once you complete your registration.

Nigerians can also link their local bank accounts to their pay-oneer account and withdraw their cash anytime, with ease. Isn’t this awesome? It sure is.

Payoneer Nigeria.

PayPal’s unethical business practices against Nigeria as one of the limited countries is uncalled for. PayPal wants to stop us from making money from them while they are making money from us.
( Paypal still remains the most accepted online payment system because it’s highly secured, but not advisable for Nigerians as it is not yet legal to withdraw into Paypal acct, you can only use it to make payment online for now). 

On that note, I hereby advocate that Nigerians use e- payment solutions like PAY-ONEER DEBIT CARD SYSTEM which is a worthy alternative for Paypal. 

Receive a US and EUROPEAN collection bank account for commercial payments. Receive and withdraw funds in more than 200 countries, in over 70 currencies. 24/7 customer support.

Pay-oneer is a revolution in the online payment system.
You can sign-up for free, and get your own prepaid Master Card in 30 days or less. Best of
all, you will get $25 on your card when you send, or receive at least $100 (you can Refer friends too).
With this trusted company, you can invite people and make $25 per valid sign-up known as referral bonus.

This is the only payment system that gives a free US Bank account, to receive payment as any regular bank account owner. The money will be transferred directly to your card, and of course, you can withdraw money at any ATM worldwide. 

Read on as we try to answer your questions regarding the services this company offers.

How To Open A Payoneer account.

Considering the fact that Pay-oneer has to do mostly with foreign transactions, people tend to think creating an account with the company is very difficult. But that is incorrect. Opening an account on this platform is as easy as turning on a Television_ you just need to follow the manuals and directives you are presented with.

Payoneer Nigeria.

My advice to every right thinking person is to please OPEN A PAYONEER ACCOUNT now that it is free. Upon registration a foreign account with be created for you. OPEN PAYONEER ACCOUNT.

Benefits of Opening Payoneer Account In Nigeria

  1. You can open Payoneer account in Nigeria Free of charge
  2. You can create virtual bank accounts to receive payments from american and european companies
  3. You can apply for a debit card which you can use for online payments and for funds withdrawal at ATMs.
  4. You don’t need to change your IP address or use VPN to access Payoneer website in Nigeria.
  5. You don’t need to use fake information to get a Payoneer account in Nigeria.
  6. Payoneer is safe and trusted in over 150 countries.
  7. Once you receive $1000 in payments into your Payoneer account, you will receive a $25 reward from Payoneer.
  8. You can use Payoneer account to receive payments from freelancing marketplaces like fiverr, Upwork and other websites that accept Payoneer as payment method etc.


Requirements for Opening Payoneer Account In Nigeria

Here are the things you need if you want to open this account in Nigeria :

  • Valid email address.
  • Valid postal, office or home address for delivery of your Payoneer Mastercard.
  • Valid photo ID eg Nigeria drivers licence, international passport, National ID card etc.
  • Correct details.


  • Fill in your name, address etc as it is in the ID card you want to use for verification.
  • Set password, Secret Question and Answer and select your ID type. Provide the details of the ID as required.
  • Provide your bank account details if required. You can google the SWIFT/BIC for your bank. GTBank SWIFT/BIC is GTBINGLA.
Payoneer Nigeria.

Once you are done filling the application form, wait for email notification from the company about the status of your application.

If approved, go ahead to fund your account so you can be eligible to request for the Mastercard. You need to have at least $30 in your Payoneer account before you can apply for Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria. But you can easily refer friends using your payoneer referral link and earn $25 dollars per person. Once you have made up to $30 dollars or its equivalent you can then apply for your MasterCard.

Payoneer Nigeria referral.

How To Withdraw from Payoneer to your local Bank account.

Yes you can withdraw directly to your Banks in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Togo, Gambia or wherever you are and it is easy.

But before we go into this let us first see how to Add Bank Account to Payoneer ( in case you forgot to do so during registration).

How Do I Add My Bank Account?

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. From the menu, go to “Withdraw” and then “To Bank Account”.
  3. If this is the first time that you are withdrawing funds, click “Add Bank Account” and follow the on-screen instructions.

It’s quite easy. Any toddler who can read and write can do it.

Now let’s go to the part people inquire more about. How to withdraw money and transfer from Payoneer into your direct account.

How Can I Withdraw From My Payoneer Account To My Bank Account?

You can withdraw once the company approves the bank account you added to your Payoneer account as explained above.

  1. Log in to your Account.
  2. From the menu, go to “Withdraw” and then “To Bank Account”.
  3. Select the account to which you are transferring the funds.
  4. Fill in the details of the transfer and click “Continue”.
  5. Fill in the Security Confirmation page and submit your withdrawal request.

There is no setup or recurring (monthly/annual) fee associated with the Withdraw to Bank Service; however, the transfer fee may vary according to the selected country and currency. To find out the relevant fees for your country and currency, please contact the company Customer service: 009 1 646-658-3695

Kindly note that this service is currently not available to all account holder and only available in selected countries.

Is Payoneer Safe? Absolutely safe.

How to I check my Payoneer balance? It displays automatically at the top of your screen once you’re logged in.

With this you now have knowledge of how Payoneer works. If you have further questions please go ahead and ask us using the comment box. We’re eagerly anticipating.

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