Join Sokoto lesbian sugar mummy whatsapp group to explore


Group membership to sokoto lez s.m group is 5000 naira. Membership is for those above 18yrs. Pay & join below. 




Giving respect to people’s choices and preferences is very very pertinent. However, there’s no longer much respect attached to this rule.

Lesbians are castigated in certain areas, frowned upon on others and embraced in a few. However, despite all of these their numbers keeps on increasing by the second.

In sokoto, of you’re a lesbian you can connect with your ilks via the WhatsApp group. It’s even home to elderly lez women, aka lez sugar mummies.

Joining the sokoto lesbian Whatsapp group has several benefits that you stand to get.


Linking up on our group. Our Sokoto women Whatsapp group can provide several opportunities for you.

You an hookup with like minds and interesting persons who share similar ideas with you in other areas of life aside your sexual preference .

With this you build connections and trust among yourselves.


Our Dating website carries articles linking to important groups that you can join in your convenience. You can think of our group as an alternative to a conventional dating website where you can hook up and linkup with mature lesbians too.

On our Sokoto lesbian sugar mummy group you can link up with a sexy partner  who is also seeking a special kind of relationship, like spice up their sex life.

When you join the group don’t be very quick to trust people because some people might take that opportunity to scam you. Be careful always when exploring the WhatsApp group.


Those seeking Marriage in our Sokoto lesbian sugar mummy whatsapp group should understand that that kind of relationship is a significant commitment that should be based on love, trust, and understanding.

Take time to understand yourselves first before serving in further. Try honesty and see the magic it works when used along with good communication.

Our admins try to make sure no forms of exploitation goes on in the group. Our Sokoto lez sugar mummy Whatsapp group is a place to be and to get and be connected to rich sugar mummies in the area.

Contact phone numbers and other contact details like emails could also be shared once you’re in the group among yourself.


When joining any online group, make sure to prioritize your safety first. It is very important.

Know the kind of details you share to other members and avoid sharing your bank details with persons you are not conversant with. Always trust your instincts in reasonable cases and report anyone you find suspicious to the group admin.


The decision to join any WhatsApp group or pursue any type of relationship is entirely up to you. Consider your own values, boundaries, and intentions before engaging in any online interactions. If you have any concerns or questions, ask the admin.


We cover every area in sokoto state. Some other places are;

Kwannawa Sokoto, Hausa sugar mummy, Bluestar hotels, blue star hotel, Havillah hotel, sharp corner, Wurno, Illela, Wamako, Bodinga, Goronyo, Sabon Birni, Binji, Shagari, Kebbe, Yabo, Gwadabawa, Tureta, Gudu, Sokoto north, Tangaza, Gada, Kware, Silame, Rabah, Tambuwal, Makwa, Dange, Balle, Isa, Gidan Madi, Degel, red light district


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