What it costs to use, put, add, feature Michael Jackson vocals, verse. Amount Drake paid. Book


Note: The cost of every artiste is greatly influenced by his or her popularity and fans’ support and love.

The shortest route to stardom for upcoming musicians is having a star featured on your track. Even if it is just a verse or an appearance it boosts the level of the song and spices things up real fast. But it’s easier said than done though. Unless such a star is your relative or best buddy, getting to feature them is like a building project.


For those wondering how much cash is required to book your favourite artistes, we’ve done the research for you. Get to know what rappers and singers like Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Justin Bieber, Usher Raymond, R Kelly, Cardi B, Neyo, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Sia, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce, Eminem, Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Chris Brown, Future, Migos, Quavo, Lil Wayne, Tinashe, Tyger and the rest are collecting for a single verse, feature or an event.

But this right here is a one-of-a-kind article as it talks on featuring the deceased legendary Michael Jackson on a track and how much money is required.

Remember that Michael Jackson set a breaking record in death than when he was alive. It’s such a huge pity he won’t be enjoying the money he generates.

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Having Michael Jackson voice on a track will definitely cost you a lot considering his status before and after his death. Akon did a song with him posthumously and paid a whooping sum.

Michael made a huge impact in the music industry that even in death he still rocked.

Till date the world has not been able to replace the King Of Pop.


So, How Much Does It Cost To Feature Michael Jackson Vocals On A Track? How Much It Costs To Use Michael Jackson voice in a song.

Requirements: What is required before adding Michael Jackson voice in any song of yours.

Those willing to use Michael Jackson voice in a song need first to consult the management of the deceased singer and family. Without the approval of these bodies it would be illegal to feature Michael without HIS consent and without paying HIM for it.

Drake paid a whooping $700,000.00 to have the legendary musician’s voice on his Don’t Matter To Me track that governed the internet in the earlier part of July 2018.

So, What Is Michael Jackson Collecting For A Feature even in death? What does it costs to add Michael Jackson voice in a track.


Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars.

That’s quite a lot of money for a 3:30mins long track don’t you think? But what do we know about music as a business and career!!?

You won’t be paying anything less unless under prior understanding between you, his management and family members.

What’s your say on this? Does Michael Jackson¬†charge more than he should even in death, or does his music justify his price?





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