Wizkid investment, businesses, assets, property & net worth 2021. Gold.

Wizkid investment, businesses, assets, property & net worth 2021. Gold.

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Wizkid is one of Africa’s richest musicians. This is not just mere say, in 2015 he ranked among the top 10 richest and youngest African musicians according to Forbes.

Although the singer makes a lot of money from his songs, music is not the only business he is into. Wizkid investment stretches across different sectors.

Ayodeji Bakogun Ibrahim aka Wizkid started singing at a tender age but has grown into a big fish in the global music industry.

His involvement in Drake’s One Dance tune saw clutching a Guiness World Record.

Like his counterpart Davido, Wizkid has many businesses he is into. In this article we will be letting you into the investments, businesses and assets of this amazingly talented Nigerian singer and songwriter.

Wizkid Investment 2021 – Wizkid Business 2021 – Wizkid assets 2021 & Wizkid property & Wizkid Merchandise 2021.

Gold: An interview by Funsho Agrogundade in 2014 revealed Gold to be one of the sectors Wizkid has invested in.

The interview surrounded the singer’s personality and acquisition of expensive gold jewelry.

Replying to how he spends his money Wizkid said ” I invest heavily in properties and jewelry. I spend more on gold. I have heard some people say they are all vanities but I tell you, they are very good investment.”

Clothing Line: Wizkid is an avid lover of fashion and style. His lust for the latest fashion led him to establish his own clothing line. This has gone a long way to add to his financial return.

He started Starboy Clothing line in Lagos state few years ago. As of August 2018 he opened a branch of his Starboy pop-up store in London and another in New York. 

Real Estate: Recently an inside source made it known that the singer has started buying lands and houses in different parts of the country. 

He has purchased landed properties in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the globe. Buying a house in Atlanta on March 2017 was regarded as a smart move by real estate experts.

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Wizkid chilling in his Atlanta mansion.

Landlord: Wizkid derives lots of money from his rented apartments scattered all over Nigeria.

It’s been rumoured that the singer has a multi million naira hotel in Anambra State. This however is unconfirmed news.

Wizkid net worth is estimated at $24million.

Wizkid property & Wizkid assets:

  • Landed property
  • Expensive houses
  • Expensive cars
  • Costly jewelry
  • Starboy pop-up stores in Lagos, New York and London
  • Hotels

Wizkid’s case is definitely not a case of money miss road. Aside his music he has other avenues driving in serious cash to his bank account.

That’s all for Wizkid investment, business and property. Keep checking back as we will be updating the article regularly.

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