Download giveaway format for Yahoo clients, PDF

Giveaway format for Yahoo yahoo.



Yahoo business is a kind of work you do with brain. Different strategies are used to collect money from clients.



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Yahoo giveaway formats to cashout.
Recent Gees celebrating $143k in 2weeks giveaway format. Raycash alone $103k. 😲



No reason the money, you will make millions in just two weeks. This is a promise and a 105% guarantee success. Ask around for the success story.

Giveaway format for Yahoo.




If you are a gee boy and you have just one format that you use then you are unserious.




Guys are always searching for new updates because clients keep getting wiser and wiser. If you feel a white man that fell for a Binary format from another yahoo boy would fall easily for your binary update then you are dreaming. If you like don’t spice the update up to loom novel you will just be wasting your time.




The giveaway format is a very straightforward one.

You can use the Giveaway format for Instagram clients, Twitter clients and Whatsapp too, and it is working well.



It can be used for both local and foreign jobs so it’s left for you to decide which one you want to use it for and stick to it.



Giveaway format is an embodiment of two formats; Celebrity format and Giveaway format. I’ll explain this below.






Some of the working tools required for Giveaway format.

Just like other formats, you need tools to be able to operate using the giveaway format effectively and cash out easily.




Unlike other formats, this one requires less expensive tools. As a matter of fact the only expensive thing you need to get is data and a new number (foreign number if you want to operate on foreign clients.)


Other tools are:

New Whatsapp profile: You won’t want your family and friends to know how you make your money, would you? So you need to create a new Whatsapp because all the work on giveaway is done on WhatsApp. Whatsapp is the working ground.




Resist every temptation to use your local number for international clients. It won’t work well. For me, I believe it won’t work at all. Oyibo people are not all daft, some can differentiate country codes so be wie.




Proof of previous payment: People are moved by what they can see more than what they hear. Make sure you have enough payment receipt to show as proof that some people have benefitted from your giveaway scheme. If you cannot generate these receipts then have someone who knows how to edit very well edit some for you. Have as many as 50 receipt to show to convince people.




New social media profile: Open a profile on any social media that you will be sharing images of proof of payments that you want people to see and believe. The older the account the more trustworthy it is.




The profile should be that of a rich person always flaunting wealth and cash on your status. Edit the profile well, and have several photos of the person you are claiming to be stock up in your gallery so that you can be updating your WhatsApp status and changing your dp at will.




Always make your profile busy because an active profile attracts more clients.




Again, many people make the mistake of bombarding their new accounts with too many photos and status at once. This is wrong practice because the account can be easily blocked as spam account.




So if you are planning on using the Giveaway format make sure you open your Facebook account or any other social media account you intend using a week before you start.




Don’t post only stuff related to your giveaway on the account unless it would seem robotic. Every once in a while spice your update up with trivias and other interesting articles or videos to keep your viewers and potential Magas entertained.




GIveaway Message: The giveaway message notifying the public of a scheduled giveaway should carry very captivating promises.




The message is written in such a way that everybody that receives it is obliged to share it with 10 contacts on his or her contact list to qualify for the giveaway. They also need to save your phone number so that they can stay updated about the giveaway via your Whatsapp profile.




Example of the giveaway message:




_Hello lovely fans. I still remain humbled because I would not have achieved this success if it wasn’t for you guys._


The first 30 people who benefitted from the April giveaway were able to share their testimonies last night and I am happy to put joy on your faces.



I’m sure you watched them on my Whatsapp status update.


If you’re getting this message and you’re not a Fan please ignore.


However, for the Superfans be informed of another giveaway this evening. 30MILLION naira to lucky persons.

Complete tasks and games to earn points to fall among the 30 lucky winners.



 You earn as you give.


I will be adding another zero (0) to the amount you send to a random account. The account details will be selected from you all.



5,000 to get 50,000

20,000 to get 200,000











*30Million naira for 40 lucky fans.*





💕 🍾 🥂




This is how you bomb and increase your client base using this format. Before you know it you




Payment platform or pickup aza: Before you begin using this format make sure you have a pickup account ready.




When the money from this format starts coming it comes like water and flows in steadily for like 2hrs. If you do it well you can get up to $200,000 in just 1-2hrs time, no kidding.





How to use the Giveaway format.

From the giveaway message it is easy to see the direction that the format is heading to.




The giveaway format is a very simple and straightforward format. You don’t need any high density tech tool for this. All you need is your brain, a WhatsApp profile, data, media profile and a lot of patient in working your clients.




Boom! It’s like magic when the money starts coming in.





Here’s a step by step guide to using the giveaway format to cashout millions.




This step is for those who have already created their new Whatsapp account. If you haven’t done that then scroll up to see the required tools so you can get them set up.




First things first, create a Whatsapp profile. You can also create a group too from the profile. This is to avoid leaving room for public nuisance.




Next, create awareness of the giveaway to your fan base across social media platforms for at least a week by sharing the giveaway message on various groups and comment sections. Remember that the message directs them to message you when they save your contact.




Once a person messages you you can then save his or her contact so that they can view your status. The whole giveaway process is done from your status.




Give people tasks to do everyday. It is from these tasks that you will be selecting winners.




Part of the tasks will be to send money to a needy. Since the whole giveaway process will be centered on helping the needy and giving back to the society, a lot of people will buy the idea and fall into it.




Don’t rush into the task that involves money so quickly, be grooming your audience bit by bit. But make sure you always hint at the fact that one of their tasks will involve sending helping the needy.




Now give them more tasks. Hold small quizzes in the groups and also audio debates among members. This will keep them entertained and thrilled while they anticipate the main giveaway night.




Keep posting wealth on your status. Share photos of trips to expensive places of you have any for the profile you are using.




In all you do never pressurize anybody to participate. Let your status do the convincing. Rich people don’t beg people to come and chop their money after all🤣.





Always keep track of the number of views you have on each status update you drop. Make sure it is increasing. If you feel it isn’t increasing then double your bombing. The more money you make from this format depends on the number of people captivated by your status. Those who Believe will always view your status so that they can keep up with the tasks and earn points.





Once you’ve groomed and nursed your clients for about two weeks, it is then time to strike.




The giveaway should be by 10pm so that many people will be awake. Some people make the mistake of setting the time for the giveaway to be midnight. This is not wise because some people that would have paid may fall asleep waiting for the giveaway to begin. So put it early so almost everyone interested can participate.




The final stage is to drop the aza you want to use on your status. Once the account details drops, in the next 2mins you will start receiving alerts like water.


  • And since you’re adding one zero, some greedy people will just want to collect everything send huge huge amounts so that they can have big return.
  • The rest is history.




If you need help on the full copy and paste format then you can download the PDF file below.




The complete giveaway format with billing goes for 8000 naira. Pay & download below.


Download Giveaway format copy and paste

Download giveaway format free PDF

You can also get the giveaway format word.











Giveaway format is one of the methods Internet fraudsters otherwise known as yahoo boys use to defraud people of their money. The method plays on the gullibility of the human species and convinces people to send money to a certain account with expectations of receiving double the amount as giveaway. The format has many variations and is still very effective till date, although not very much used.



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