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How can I get a sugar mummy in Kano State?


Where to get Kano sugar mummy phone number? Read below.


How can I get a sugar mummy connection in Kano? You cannot imagine how many times this question has been asked on Google. The answer is easy, you can get a sugar mummy connection in Kano by joining the MILKING DAMEZ Whatsapp group. To be allowed into the group you need to pay the membership fee which is 5000 naira.



Those who don’t fancy the group can just get a direct connect by contacting an agent via the Whatsapp chat box above this article.




For guys who need financial assistance in Kano state, one of the ways to make ends meet now is by rendering your bed services to mature women who are sex starved in exchange for money.




This service is rendered to rich women strictly because they are the ones that can pay you good money for sex.




Young boys and men that befriend mature women for financial reasons are called sugar babies.




A Sugarbaby is a glorified name for a gigolo who preys on rich, emotionally starved women. He offers them friendship and good sex in return for money and other goodies of life.




The life of a Sugarbaby in Kano state is really not that bad if you can navigate through the buzzling city.




Mature sugar mummy connection. www.eremmel.com





I hope this article helps to answer the following questions:

  • How to become a sugar baby in Kano state
  • What is the biggest sugar mummy whatsapp group in Kano
  • Is there a way to get sugar mummy phone numbers in Kano state?






How to become a sugar baby in Kano state.


Not difficult at all. You can easily become a sugar baby if you possess the knack for it. But the first thing you need to take into consideration is your age. If you are still immature then stick to regular girls of your age.





The following tips can help you become a sugar baby easily;


  • Be clean: Rich women love neat guys.
  • Make sure you are a handsome person: Being clean and ugly is not a good match. So, before considering yourself as a sugar baby make sure you consider yourself good looking. Handsome.
  • Hit the Gym: Rich women who love handsome young boys know where to find them… at the gym working to maintain that look!
  • Don’t drink in public puns all the time.
  • Act mature: Sugar mummies like guys who exhibit a lot of maturity. They believe these people can keep secrets very well and won’t leak their relationships.
  • Smell Nice o!!! Smell niceeeee!!! I don’t know how to stress this point but just smell nice. E get why.


Kano sugar mummy whatsapp group. Www.eremmel.com







What is the biggest sugar mummy whatsapp group in Kano?

The biggest Kano sugar mummy whatsapp group is MILKING DAMEZ with more than 8000 active members



Is there a way to get sugar mummy phone numbers in Kano?

Yes. You can get a sugar mummy phone number once you have become acquaintances. To get a contact of any sugar mummy you first need to either join the sugar mummy group or let our agent get you a direct connect.




When you join the group you can get everyone Whatsapp number displayed on the group’s membership list.




Remember that membership to the group is 5000 naira. Those interested can pay and join via the group link above.





By now I’m sure you know how to kano sugar mummy contact details, Kano sugar mummy photos and all, right?


If you are still confused then just join the group. You will get all information and connection there.


Remember that these women like clean boys. So before asking for connection make sure you confirm that you are not a dirty pig. Be clean and focused.


When you get connected, DO NOT call any Kano sugar mummy at late night or any other ungodly hour because some of them are married and may be in their matrimonial homes.


Always wait for the woman to call you and only call back during the time that she asks you to. If you don’t follow these instructions your relationship with a rich woman may not even last long.


Keep in consideration that they are mature women and so you must think maturely to roll with them effortlessly.








In Kano it is possible to make extra money being a Sugarbaby to wealthy and rich sugar mummies in the state. And to connect with these women one need to be linked. The sugar mummy whatsapp group for Kano is a group where guys can pay to join tand meet exclusive sugar mummies that they can connect with.

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