list of Lagos ashawo whatsapp groups; where Prostitutes connect with clients.

Lagos ashawo groups and joints.





I don’t mean to brag but i am currently a member of 23 ashawo Whatsapp groups. I make sure I join one in every state I travel to. I’ve made a mental note to join Kano ashawo Whatsapp group because I heard those girls are effing good in bed and I can’t wait to confirm that.



The Lagos ashawo whatsapp group is for guys out there like me who are shy to go to an ashawo house to fuck.



As a reserved guy, just join the Lagos ashawo whatsapp group and save yourself any stress of rubbing sweat with people inside those smelly ashawo quarters.



The Lagos ashawo whatsapp group offers everything an ashawo joint can offer and even more.



Instead of the dirty street girls you see in conventional ashawo houses, girls in the Lagos ashawo whatsapp groups are neat. The group allow girls that were shy before to be able to make money too.



Lagos sex workers are revolutionizing the way dating and hookup connections operate these days.


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They have gone from the traditional pattern of scouting for potential clients to the use of Whatsapp groups and even telegram groups to improve their hustle.




While it may seem laughable, it works for them. By creating this group these olosho girls have found a way to contain their clients in a single platform where they can easily be reached.



Positive impacts of prostitutes & prostitution.

Prostitutes are good confidants. 

The kind of relationship and bond prostitutes forms with clients is unique and uncommon. Being victims of societal judgements and criticism, they provide a testing shoulder for men to pour our their hearts through deep and intimate conversations, thus allowing them relief stress and boost their mental well-being.


Sexual Exploration & Satisfaction

Sex is an important aspect of human existence. Prostitutes in Lagos are very instrumental in helping people explore their sexual desires to discover new and improved levels of pleasure and satisfaction they may not have known existed.


Improved mental health.

Frequent sex helps releases stress, and prostitutes are always ready to engage in intercourses provided you are willing to pay. Sex unwinds the mind and allows it to relax from the hassles of the day.



Alternative source of income.

Prostitution provides an alternative source of income. Rather than the strenuous exercises associated with regular jobs, prostitution offers the opportunity to make money while having fun.


Lagos ashawo whatsapp groups and how to join.






The Idea Behind Lagos Ashawo Whatsapp Groups.

1. The groups helps to bring the clients and Prostitutes together under one platform.

2. These groups operate on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook, where clients can join to mingle and interact.

3. It buries the obsolete methods of visiting brothels or clubs. Clients can simply join a group and browse through profiles to connect with a desired partner.

4. They act as intermediaries between clients and potential sexual partners, helping to facilitate communication and arrange meetings in a safe and controlled environment.








List of popular ashawo joints in Lagos.

Ashawo joints are locations where Prostitutes are known to loiter around advertising themselves while they wait for clients.

Some of the popular ashawo joints in Lagos state are;

  1. Bariga Shomolu
  2. Ikeja under bridge, computer village.
  3. 99 joint at Ifako gbagada.
  4. Ikorodu Igbogbo
  5. Bariga market
  6. Silverfox, lekki phase 1.
  7. Car wash Badore.
  8. Black Gate Badore
  9. Oki ira, Badore
  10. Precinct Comfort hotel Ikoyi.
  11. Limeridge Hotels Ikoyi
  12. Aries Suites, Ikoyi
  13. Upper Class Suites.
  14. Egbeda.
  15. Abule egba Lagos – buffalo hote
  16. 7up phase 1 on lamina street,the second street on liasu road egbe
  17. 7up phase 2 on igando road @ ile ise bus stop, ikotun.
  18. 7up phase 3. its close 2 hostel bus stop, egbe
  19. 7up phase 4 opposite aso rock on abaranje road, ikotun
  20. 7up phase 5 @ custom bus stop abaranje road, ikotun.
  21. Egbe city @ hostel bus stop opposite 7up phase 3
  22. Love Garden close 2 ikuna street on liasu road.
  23. Queen parks @ fisrt street in ikotun, about the second building
  24. Macossa @ ikotun round about on the way 2 igando.



Lagos ashawo whatsapp groups with plenty members.







How to join the Lagos girls Whatsapp group and other hookup groups in Lagos.

  • The first step to joining a group is to get in touch with the admins.
  • Inquire to know if membership is free or paid. (Most are paid membership)
  • Make payments where necessary.
  • The group link will be sent to you after that. Click on it to be automatically redirected to the group.






Rules of the Lagos ashawo whatsapp groups.

  • Respect for the admins.
  • To become a member you must be 18yrs or above.
  • Utmost respect for all members.
  • No insulting remarks meant to incite hate or anger from any member and directed to any member.
  • Participation in every group task.
  • DO NOT share the group link with a third party to avoid being removed.
  • Apply common sense where necessary.







Is there a Lagos prostitutes group on telegram?

Yes there is a telegram group for prostitutes in all parts of Lagos state.

The process of joining the telegram group is the same as any other, including joining the Whatsapp group.





How to join the Lagos ashawo group on telegram.

  • To become a member of the telegram group you first need to contact the admins.
  • Tell the admin of your intentions to join the group.
  • Prove that you are 18yrs or above.
  • Make payments of it is a paid group.
  • Once the link is sent to you, click on it to automatically join the group.






List of Lagos ashawo whatsapp groups with the most members.

When joining a group it is best to join the one that has plenty members. Below is a list of top Lagos sex workers group to join.


Join Lagos single ladies Whatsapp group and ashawo groups. 



Membership to these groups are PAID, 3000 naira. Join Below. 

Ikeja Prostitutes Whatsapp group. JOIN

Lagos olosho group. JOIN

Ikeja runsgirls whatsapp forum. JOIN

Lagos strippers group. JOIN

Lagos hookup girls groups. JOIN.









Lagos prostitutes have taken hookup connection to a whole new level by introducing the use of groups where clients can join to connect and link up with available ashawo for sex. These groups can be aptly referred to as the Electronic versions of physical ashawo joints.

Runsgirls groups are available online and can be accessed via their various links.

While membership to some of the groups are paid, some may be free.

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