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If you are a Nigerian and you love good music then you’re familiar with the name Rema. Yes, this new dog in the yard is the talk of the globe.

Everyone wants to get Rema phone number, mostly the girls. The guy is just very cute and knows how to sing like madd!

Go through Google search parameters and see how the searches pile up. You see search terms like ‘how can I get Rema phone number? What is Rema phone number? What is Rema direct phone number to call the singer with?‘ and many more.


With his one of a kind music pattern he has solidified his stance as one of the best singers in all of Africa.



He is also one of the youngest stars in the Nigerian music industry whose songs have made it to the number one spot on most music billboard charts in Nigeria and even outside the country.






Who is Rema?

Rema is a renown Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter who catapulted to fame following his release of his 2019 hit single, ‘Dumebi.’


The song garnered massive airplay and the same year he bagged a record deal with Jonzing record.


Rema is also very famous for his chart topping track ‘Calm Down’ of which he made a remix with American singer and actress Selena Gomez.



The remix remained on the number three spot on the Billboard 100 and also topped the United States Afrobeats song chart for 52 weeks, setting a record.







What is Rema’s real name and date of birth.

Rema’s real name is Divine Ikubor. Born on the 1st of May 2000, Divine was the second boy of a family of 2. His father and his elder brother died when he was still quite young, leaving the singer to cater for his mother.





Who is Rema’s father?

The father of Rema is late Justice Ikubor. Before his death he was a former chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

In a 2020 tweet, the singer accused PDP of being responsible for his father’s death, causing a massive stir online.

On losing his dad and brother, the singer has this to say,

“At some point, things got hard and I had to man up…. I had to work hard because I lost my brother and my dad… I had to work hard.”


He also stated that he never went to the Gym, and that hard work kept him in shape.






How old is Rema?

Born on the first of May 2000, Rema is 24yrs old now.






Background and personal life.

Divine Ikubor was born into a Christian family on 1 May 2000 in Benin City, Edo state.


He started singing and rapping at a very tender age. Like many singers, his music career started from the church.




Before the fame Rema was a hustling musician like many others. He did freestyle videos and covers of other artistes’ songs.


When he was 17yrs he went to work on a beach in Ghana and later bought his mother a car.




He did a viral freestyle video of himself vibing to D’Prince’s track ‘Gucci Gang.’ The freestyle was so good that it caught the attention of D’Prince himself who pais for his flight to lagos and signed hik tp Jonzing Record.



Since Jonzing Records is a subsidiary record label of Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy, Rema got automatically signed to Mavin.






When is Rema’s Birthday?

Since Rema was born on 1 May 2000, that makes his birthday to be on every 1st of May.



What is Rema’s most famous song?

The track that gave the artiste global recognition is ‘Calm Down.’ Going further to drop a remix featuring Selena Gomez, Calm Down remains the best song Divine Ikubor has dropped as of when this article was composed.


And although several nice tracks like ‘DND, Dumebi, Lady’ from the singer shook the music world, ‘Calm Down’ takes the cake.






Rema’s cars and net worth.

Like every successful artiste, Divine Ikubor loves flashy things, from exotic cars to luxurious trips and vacations. He has a collection of expensive automobiles to his name and so are;


2018 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

Allegedly worth over N95 million, the 2018 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is one of the singer’s heavy ride.

Rema phone number. G wagon.


BMW Beamer.

As an honorary act, BMW company gave the singer a BMW Beamer as complement for helping them promote their brand through his hit track ‘Beamer’ which went viral.

Rema phone number and net worth.




This ride was given to the singer when he won the headlines Next Rated Awards in 2019.

Rema phone number.


Lamborghini Urus & Mercedes Benz G63.

His latest addition to his garage of exotic rides is a 2020 Lamborghini Urus and 2019 Mercedes Benz G63 that he bought on the same day for over N700 million. Wow!

Divine Ikubor new car.

Divine Ikubor new car. 2019 Mercedes G63.


Rema also bought and gifted his mum a Lexus when he was just 17yrs. This made a lot of people question the source of his income at such a tender age with a lot of people suspecting he may have dabbled into fraud before entering the music industry.


Rema gifts mum a car.




I know you’re eager to get Rema phone number but hold up a second. Have you ever wondered how much the singer is worth? I swear your jaw will drop at how much money that small Benin boy is worth. Check it out below before we continue your journey to getting Rema phone number.







Rema’s Net Worth.

Rema is a successful Nigerian musician. Currently he ranks among the top 10 hottest and richest musicians in Nigeria and it is not surprising that his net worth is a staggering amount. He is estimated to be worth over $9 million.






Rema phone number, Whatsapp number and social media accounts to contact singer.

A lot of fans are searching the Internet day and night with the hope of getting Singer Rema real phone number to call him for one reason or the other.



It’s no longer news that the ladies are dying to connect with Rema. Some group of ladies even offered to pay up to $1m to have the singer feature in a porn video with them.



Because of his popularity people will want to contact him for various reasons.



Many are excited fans who just want to hear his voice and some are people who want to book him for an event or show.



Some are even haters or secret admirers.



This article will show you the easy ways you can contact Rema.



But be warned, not all celebrities enjoy being bugged by fans. While a lot of them treasure the love and attention, an even larger proportion don’t.



Rema phone number and other available ways to reach Rema directly.

  • Rema phone number for calls – N/A
  • Rema Whatsapp number – N/A.



That you are unable to get the direct phone number of the singer does not mean you cannot contact him.



Rema is very active on social media platforms. He is on X (former Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & Tiktok. You can contact him by messaging him directly on social media.




Since you cannot get Rema phone number why not explore other avenues to reach the singer, like social media? Check them out below.

Contact Rema Via Social Media





Is Rema Married.

The singer is unmarried. We will update you if he gets married or has a girlfriend. For now, he is rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with Selena Gomez with many people claiming Rema and Selena Gomez are dating.







Divine Ikubor, aka Rema is a young Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter who gained fame in 2019 after being signed to Jonzing record and Mavin Records. He is a global sensation with millions of fans, all wanting to get in touch with him.

However, getting in touch with Rema is quite easy as the star is super active on virtually all media outlets and takes his time to respond to fans.

To get his direct phone number or Whatsapp number might be tricky, but you can always reach Rema on X, Instagram and Tiktok easily via the handles above.

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