Top 30 runsgirls Whatsapp groups in Nigeria making serious waves.

Top runs girls groups in Nigeria.




Becoming a runsgirl in Nigeria is not the main deal for some ladies. Runsgirls are the talk of the town, and you can find them lurking in convenient corners waiting for the right client and opportunity to spring on.


Before anything, and for the benefit of many innocent souls reading this, let’s first discuss on who a Runs girl is.






Who is a runs girl?

Any woman who engages in a sex-for-money kind of relationships with rich men is a runsgirl. Initially the term was used to refer to girls who run errands for wealthy men, but it has come to have a sexually suggesting meaning.


As a result of technological advancement, Runs girls, Ashawo or olosho as they are most popularly referred to also deliver other exclusive services like sex chats, video sex and sharing of nude pictures. Although, the more classy ones prefer to be hooked up with the aristocrat and affluent personalities in the society.



How to spot a runs girl.

These days it is quite easy to spot a runs girls from a mile away. Some of the easy ways tell a play girl from a straight girl are:

  • They always appear brighter than they can afford.
  • You find them lurking around rich residential areas hoping to attract wealthy clients. In Lagos it’s common to see them roaming around VI and exotic clubs.
  • A lot of them are known for their fowl languages.
  • In Nigeria, nose rings and leg chains are fine ways to identify runsgirls, although some people wear them for fashion.
  • They tend to exaggerate when they say things to give you the impression that they are not lacking.
  • Runs girls don’t roll with broke boys and men.
  • They don’t believe in love and are solely after the money and benjamins.
  • Professional runsgirls can engage in virtually any kind of sexual encounter if the pay is right.
  • You find them in clubs scouting for clients.
  • They always find a way to charge you for sex with them. Sometimes you them without even knowing you are paying for the sex.



Runsgirls Whatsapp groups.



How to become a runs girls.

With the way the economy is going, a lot of girls are giving up on the conventional ways to make money and a lot are delving into sexual services.



Millions of girls have become runsgirls, rendering their body service for cash and other materials things. And from testaments making rounds, while it is not a means of livelihood to be proud of, it is a sure way out of poverty and an easy way to make cool cash while having fun.


With the flashy lifestyles you see runsgirls living, many other girls have also decided to join the profession.


How to become a runsgirl is not easy. As a matter of fact, you can do it on your own. However, it’s best to operate in clique and also join a platform of other runsgirlsĀ  where you can easily get linked up.

Follow the steps below to become a successful runs babe.


  • Always look beautiful. Never be caught unfresh. Every runs girl knows that looking good is good business and they tend to always look pretty. That is why olosho don’t joke with okrika clothes.
  • Keep flashy friends who share the same ideologies with you. They will always know the right spot to lurk for rich men and boys.
  • Be a social media person. If you’re familiar on social media your runs game won’t be a difficult one.
  • Get a smart phone or an iPhone.
  • Be a regular visitor at clubs and popular taverns where it’s likely to meet with the rich and might.
  • As a professional runsgirls, never act desperate. Men dislike that trait. Learn to lead your man on gradually to the point of no return.

However, To become one of our girls on Eremmel which enables and allows us link you up with clients via our platform then you need to register with us.

  1. Click and chat with us via the Whatsapp chat button above this article.
  2. You pay a membership and Registration fee of 3000 naira to join us.
  3. You send 4 good photos of yourself.
  4. State your location.
  5. You send your reachable contact number.
  6. Also let us know if you are available for service at night as well.




With skimpy skirts and revealing tops, these ladies are a bunch to watch out for if you are a married woman, because they are known to be notorious husband snatchers and side chicks.

Runsgirls are actually a source of relief for many men. Being readily accessible for sex is sacrifice a lot of men treasure.





Back in the day when technology was at its beginning phase, getting access to call girls or escort girls was really a problem. But now that problem has now been solved. You can sit from the comfort of your bed and get a relationship or a kink up for sex with someone several kilometers away. What you only need to do is book a location and time to meet.

Runs girls in Nigeria now have groups where you can join and get served.




Services rendered in the runs girls whatsapp groups?

Runs girls offer a collection of services including;

  • Sex chat and audio chat
  • They offer Sex video call.
  • They discuss opportunities for meetup and Physical sexual intercourse with clients for cash.
  • Theu provide Companionship and gist mates online.
  • They sell nude photos for cash.
  • They offer immediate sexual service to quench sexual urges.




Popular runs girls Whatsapp groups to join.

Every state has its own group where hookup and connection is being done. In these groups girls mingle and sex chat with guys and men in exchange for money and other luxury lifestyle.

To be able to join a group in your location, scroll down to your location and click on JOIN GROUP to be redirected to the group.

Note that you will be charged a membership fee. This fee helps the admins keep the group lively. Also, the fee covers our monthly sitouts.


Runsgirls groups in Nigeria.



    • Abia runsgirls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Umuahia runs girls group. JOIN
    • Adamawa runsgirls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Yola runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Akwa Ibom runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Uyo runs girls group. JOIN
    • Anambra dating group. JOIN
    • Awka hookup group. JOIN
    • Bauchi runs girls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Bayelsa runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Yenagoa runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Benue runsgirls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Makurdi olosho group. JOIN
    • Borno runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Maiduguri ashawo Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Cross River runsgirls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Calabar runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Delta olosho Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Asaba ashawo Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Ebonyi hookup girls group. JOIN
    • Abakaliki runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Edo hookup group. JOIN
    • Ado Ekiti runsgirls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Enugu runs girls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Gombe runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Imo girls group. JOIN
    • Owerri runs girls Whatsapp group.
    • Jigawa ashawo Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Dutse hookup girls. JOIN
    • Kaduna runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Kano hookup girls group. JOIN
    • Katsina runs girls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Birnin Kebbi Olosho whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Kogi hookup group. JOIN
    • Lokoja runs girls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Kwara runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Ilorin sex workers group. JOIN
    • Lagos runs girls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Ikeja runsgirls whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Abuja runs girls Whatsapp group JOIN
    • Nasarawa runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Lafia hookup girls group. JOIN
    • Ogun runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Niger runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Abeokuta runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Ondo girls group. JOIN
    • AKURE girls group. JOIN
    • Osun girls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Osogbo ashawo Whatsapp group.
    • Oyo runsgirls group. JOIN
    • Ibadan ashawo Whatsapp group.
    • Plateau runsgirls Whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Jos girls hookup group
    • Rivers girls whatsapp group. JOIN
    • Port Harcourt runs girls Whatsapp group. JOIN
  • Sokoto girls group. JOIN
  • Taraba runsgirls group. JOIN
  • Jalingo runsgirls group. JOIN
  • Yobe ashawo Whatsapp group. JOIN
  • Damaturu runs girls Whatsapp group. JOIN
  • Zamfara girls hookup forum. JOIN






Runs girls have taken their game a step further by creating groups where clients can come to mingle.

These groups are scattered across and are homes to thousands of men and women alike, all looking for ways to spice up their sex lives.

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