Yahoo boys Whatsapp group for sure updates & tools.

Yahoo boys Whatsapp group.




Yahoo yahoo is not for everyone, but that’s not saying you shouldn’t give it a try. For all I know you could be the next Husspuppy but you just won’t know. Why? Because you didn’t TRY.


Sure yahoo boys Whatsapp group to join for updates. 

Gee boys Whatsapp group in Nigeria. 



Permit me to assume, for the sake of this article, that you are a novice who is just venturing into the yahoo business and needs someone to show you around and be your mentor.




There’s a whatsapp group where for this. It is a group for serious minded Gee boys where updates and tools are shared frequently. The group is like a brotherhood and every member looks out for the other.




For the benefit of those who are just stumbling on the phrase ‘Yahoo boys’, below is a definition to help you understand the context better.




Who are yahoo boys?

Yahoo boys are simply internet scammers. And although yahoo is not a means of survival you should boast of, it has really kept a lot of guys off the streets. 



Their main technique is posing to be someone else, usually an important figure to swindle unsuspecting persons or their money.





How yahoo boys operate.

Yahoo boys operate using different methods called formats. Some formats are:

* Celebrity format: Where they pose as important celebrity figure and demand gift cards and apple cards from their victims while promising them a spot on their Superfans club or some other silly promises.

* Phishing format: where the gee boy creates a fake bank website and sends the link to the victim. The website mimicks the original bank website exactly in design and the victim is tricked into entering important details.




These details are received by the scammer on the admin end of the website.




The Yahoo boy then proceeds to use this information to either withdraw cash from the victim’s bank account, take a loan using the victim’s detail or other dangerous reasons.




There are more than 100 formats Gee Boys use so just read about them here when you’ve got the time.




How to join yahoo boys Whatsapp group.

If you like search from now till tomorrow, you cannot join the G boys Whatsapp group unless you are invited or given the group link to join through.




The highest that will happen is that you will end up joining one wack group with confused kids that don’t know what they are doing. Or maybe you can just create your own gee group and join it 😆.




Nobody wants to join a group that for more than 1 months even one cry of joy associated with cashout is not heard. People are attracted to working things, so if the group is not a working group then no one will join.





So my dear, if you want to cash out weekly then join MAKANAKI E-HK now.



Makanaki HK is the biggest yahoo family ever with 28,374 active members as of when this article was drafted.



Top yahoo boys Whatsapp groups to join.



Benefits of joining yahoo boys Whatsapp group (Makanaki HK)

Some of the things that trigger people into joining the yahoo Whatsapp group are:

  1.  Steady latest updates: Makanaki HK is a family and everyone shares updates. Nobody fit chop oyibo money finish by himself. Everyday new updates are shared and discussions are held on how to improve old updates.
  2. Access to tools: Because you don’t have the video cloning app that you can use to change your face during a video call with a client does not mean another person does not have it. ‘U sef go see tools fear!’ As a member of the groups you can have access to a wide range of tools from other members. Some of tools include the video cloning app, cc skimmer and other software important for different jobs.
  3. Financial assistance: Inside life! No room for stinginess and selfishness in the Makanaki forum.
  4. Steady cashout: this is the biggest aim of joining the group, steady and consistent cashout. Ceaseless cash out of apple cards, wire wire, PayPal tf etc. Not to brag but there is never a week without N25million or more being made. People keep cashing out back to back because they use latest updates provided in the group and not casted formats. Cashing out is the main benefit of joining any HK.
  5. You begin to look fresh. No be mouth.
  6. You change your wardrobe and phone.
  7. Joining the group will make you a millionaire under two months of you are focused and followup updates seriously.


I can write on and on about the benefit of joining the yahoo Whatsapp group, especially Makanaki HK, but I’ll just stop here because the list is endless.



BE AWARE! Makanaki HK membership fee is 10,000 naira (ten thousand naira)



You can join by clicking ‘Join Group’ below.




When you click on the link you will be redirected to the payment page. It’s easy to pay. Transfers are allowed on the payment page. Once payments is made you will be automatically redirected to the group.





It is an offense to share the group link with another person who has not paid to join. If you do so you will be promptly removed from the group and cease to benefit from it.



Is it safe to join the yahoo boys Whatsapp group?




Will I have someone to coach or mentor me in the yahoo business when I join the group?

This is a very valid question because several people have been victims to this.



On different circumstances you pay to access a platform that promises several mouth-watering benefits for members, but once you gain access you immediately become lost. You are just left stranded. No one gives you a tour-guide despite everyone knowing that you are a newbie.




But not in the Makanaki HK. Once you join the admin immediately messages you to know your level in the game and also attaches you with a senior Gee who will be directing you and giving you tips. He or she will be your coach or mentor in the group until you are strong enough to stand on your own.



Are they yahoo boys Whatsapp groups for the different states in Nigeria? Dos Makanaki HK have Headquarters?

As a matter of fact, Makanaki does have headquarters in various states that you can join. This way you can even have physical meetings with yourselves and share updates. The groups have been created with their different admins to oversee them. Membership remains 10,000 naira.

The article will be updated with the different groups for each states. Stay tuned. For now, join the general group above.



Yahoo boys Whatsapp group.





Makanaki HK is a Whatsapp group for those interested in the yahoo yahoo business or those who are already in the game but need mentoring, sure updates and sophisticated tools. With over 28,000 members and growing, Makanaki stands as the number one yahoo yahoo whatsapp group where yahoo boys and yahoo girls exchange updates with back to back cashout from members.

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